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As with the chicken and the egg, nobody knows exactly which came first…
Nowlin Craver's interest in magic or his falling from a tree and cracking open his head.
But the combination has truly produced AN ENTERTAINER YOU'LL NEVER FORGET!
No matter how hard you try.

Nowlin began performing professionally at a steak house when he was 17 years old and during the past 20+ years has committed his magic in Japan, Canada, Hawaii , and throughout the Continental United States; from the most intimate venues to the largest theaters.

Nowlin's television credits include being seen producing a dove from his shoe on Japanese television, producing a dove from his mouth on "The Arsenio Hall Show," and performing magic as Madonna and Michael Jackson on "TCA/Showtime ComedyFest '92."

Nowlin has received awards for both his comedy and his magic. He was INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD of MAGICIANS Stage Champion in 1984; was the first-and only-person to be TEXAS ASSOCIATION of MAGICIANS 'Comedy Champion' and 'Club Champion' in the same year; and the first-and only-person to win both The Originality Award and The Comedy Award from the SOCIETY of AMERICAN MAGICIANS.

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