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Karen Eskilson

ExperienceNov. 8-25, 2000 Off Island Productions Vancouver, B.C.


§ Independent Feature Film (digital film) - Director: Andrew Williamson

§ 1st Assistant Makeup Artist.

§ 14 day shoot

Aug. 11 - Oct. 22, 2000 Shocking Pictures Bowen Island, B.C.

Peter and the Devil

§ Independent Feature Film (digital film) - Director: Stephan Wrenshall

§ Key Makeup Artist.

§ Special Effects on a shoestring, Department Budget.

§ 29 day shoot

Oct. 27, 2000 VMC Magicians Vancouver, B.C.

Rodd Boss, Magician Promo Video

The Amazing J, Magician Promo Video

§ Promotional Videos

§ Makeup Artist for the live performance and video coverage.

§ 1 day

§ A.C.F.C. Permitee
EducationJan. - June 2000 Vancouver Film School Vancouver, B.C.

§ Certificate of Excellence (97%) in Makeup for Film & Television.

§ Full-Time Program.

WorkshopsMakeup for Disaster & Injury Simulation

§ Instructor: Ted Williams - former WCB & St. John's Ambulance Disaster Simulation Makeup Artist.

§ Beverley O. (Benjamin) Keigher I.A.T.S.I. Makeup Artist

I.A.T.S.I. local 891 Member Former VFS Instructor

§ Zabrina Matiru VFS Instructor

I.A.T.S.I. local 891 Permitee

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